Joe has been making surfboards since 1949 starting first 
with making 16 foot racing board in Sydney at Freshwater Beach.
As part of the 1956 Melbourne Olympic celebrations, the  American surf life saving team displayed their skills. This got Joe (amongst others) thinking. Initially, balsa wood was unavailable in Australia so Joe made his own "version" using a wooden frame and marine plywood.This was nicknamed "the Okanohue." Manufacturing began in earnest when materials became more readily available.Thus began the era when surfing took off in Australia. In the 60's, Joe set up shop in Kirra, QLD and continued experimenting with board designs and
forms. For over 50  years he has been known in the industry for his innovations, attention to detail, and of course, for his beautiful boards. He was coaxed back into making boards after resting from it for a few years. Since his resurgence he has made longboards with historys (from the original templates) as well as making new designs.
Joe welcomes everybody to visit his workshed at Cabarita Beach.  




23 Hastings Road BOGANGAR (Cabarita Beach) NSW 2488 AUSTRALIA ph and fax 61 (0) 266761072 e-mail: